Sliding Down the Side of U.S. Bank Tower

Have you ever wanted to slide down a glass chute 70 floors above Downtown LA?

I think I have some good news for you.

If you haven’t already heard, the U.S. Bank Tower in downtown Los Angeles and OUE Skyspace is California’s tallest open-air observation deck, offering unobstructed panoramic views of scenic Los Angeles. Plus, there’s a glass side around the side of the building.

Once you walk up to the U.S. bank tower, do not go inside the front door (they’ll just redirect you anyway). Go around the outside on the left side and take the stairs or escalator to the second floor. There is an outdoor booth, but when I went there wasn’t anyone there. Just go inside and you’ll see the OUE SkySpace receptionist, and just to her left is the ticket counter. There was no line (Monday after lunch), so I just walked right up to the SkySpace counter and bought tickets.


It’s not cheap.

There are a couple of different ticket options, but I just got the standard View+Slide route. For a ticket to the top as well as ONE slide ride, it was about ~$34. But then again, that’s about what I paid for high rise buildings in NYC. It was for the experience, so I did it.

When you get to the 54-ish floor (I clearly wasn’t paying attention), there’s a get off spot with a very interactive activities. I’m guessing it’s a mildly entertaining form of crowd control, but when I went, there was absolutely no one.

They were cute little exhibits, but since there wasn’t a wait so I wasn’t too inclined to stay. Super fun if your stuck in line though! Thanks SkySpace!

The views were really great. It really emphasizes how spread out all of Los Angeles is, haha. But enough about the views, you knew there would be tons of windows. What you really want to know about is the slide, right?

Well, there are rules!


You cannot hold anything in your hands! That means no cameras, no gopro sticks, no boomerangs or snapchat filters on the way down. Your hands will be glued to the towel you slide down on! If you go with a friend, they can wait downstairs for you at the base of the slide to grab your picture, or you can be super creative and come up with a way to attach a camera to your shirt collar or something.

Next, the actual slide! You’re literally just sliding down one story. It’s not some super big event, maybe like 4 seconds of actual slide time.

I always make the best faces, don’t I ?

And then you slide right down into the mat. A couple of people showed up to also try out the slide, and there were a couple of minor hand burns on the slide and some tumbling onto the mat. It’s a little risky, but they do warn you before hand to slide at your own risk. SkySpace makes you sign a waiver and everything. The slide can get pretty hot from baking in that SoCal sun all day.

Also check out my super cute shoes! My sister gave them to me for Christmas! I think she got them from @rizzasart on twitter!

Anyways, after the slide, I just hung out on the roof deck (they have two!) and the indoor lounge for a bit, but…it was hot and I really wanted a smoothie so I headed out. SkySpace’s gift shop is surprisingly well stocked. I didn’t know there were so many things you could put the U.S. bank tower on, haha. So if you’re looking for souvenirs, there’s plenty! They also offer yoga classes if you’re interested!

Have you made a visit to SkySpace? Have you gone down the slide before? Would you ever want to?? Let me know in the comments!



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  1. November 28, 2017 / 5:19 pm

    I definitely want to try out this slide! That’s too bad you can’t hold anything while going down though and also it is shorter than I was expecting!

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