Panty Dropper in Vegas

There are a couple points of backstory that you need to know that will hopefully help you put yourself in my situation.

  1. The last time I was in Vegas, like 2ish years ago, all the strip hotels had free parking.
  2. Pools can be really hard to find.
  3. People are attracted to colorful things.

Alright, so it’s my first day in Vegas and right off the plane I had hookups to MGM’s Wet Republic pool party 11-4, Tiesto was the DJ. Sweet, let’s get the ball rolling!

But first, I’m like really hungry, so I head to Bite for a quick brunch because you can’t party on an empty stomach.  Plus, it was too early to check into my hotel, so what else was I going to do? Bite was AMAZING, but it was 1:30pm so I had to get moving if I wanted to make it to the pool party. So there I am, driving all fast (aka 1 mph over the speed limit) and when I get to MGM, I learn that…I need to PAY for parking?!?

Now, I’m not cheap–yes I am–but my Vegas trip was supposed to be budget and fun and easy on the bank. I reversed REAL QUICK out of the parking garage and googled which hotels still had free parking. Of course, there was nothing close to MGM. Apparently, they just recently implemented garage payment, so it will definitely sway my hotel decisions in the future. The closest and most convenient free parking was at the Venetian hotel, so I high tailed it over there.

I finally found parking on the 7th floor, but then I had to change into my swimsuit. I pulled out my giant suitcase and spread everything out on the back of the car, no shame in my game. I chose a swimsuit, a cover up, and grabbed the sunblock. I was in musical theater in high school, so I knew all about quick changes. I was going to a pool so no makeup required, I wasn’t there to impress anybody. I packed everything back up, grabbed my purse (that held clothes to change into), and headed into the Venetian in 5 minutes.  I was making good time!

It took my 30 minutes to find the exit.

The Venetian is the third biggest Las Vegas hotel and the entire thing is modeled after Italy, complete with the canals and people trying to sell me gelato. I rushed out to the bus stop and bought a pass, then proceeded to wait in the boiling sun for another ten minutes.

At least the actual bus was air conditioned.

But buses are slow, and the nearest stop was still a 10 minute walk. By the time I get to the MGM hotel, it was 2pm. I followed the signs for Wet Republic, but after about, 15 minutes of walking, it didn’t seem like I was any closer. I made a quick pit stop at a map to scope out how much longer I had to go.

Yeah, so I was at C5 (near the KA theatre). I wasn’t even halfway there. But at least I knew I was on the right track. After another 25 minutes of my flip flops making that dumb sound through the whole casino, I started to smell the chlorine. I finally reached the pool area. It was around 3pm by then, and a lot of the swimsuit wearers were headed in the opposite direction, but I didn’t care! At least I would get an hour of pool fun time!

It took me another 20 minutes to walk around that GIANT grand pool to get to the entrance of Wet Republic.

But whatever! I was finally there! And there was practically no line, even better! The bag check lady did the usual purse check, but sidenote, they WILL NOT let you bring any shopping bags or backpacks or anything into the pool. You will have to check them for $20 (bleh). Also, no tissue paper of any kind. Dunno why, but it’s strictly prohibited.

Once I passed security, the actual ticket person stopped me. “Yah, so the entrance is $20,” she said.

“Oh, I’m on the guestlist.”

“Guestlist ended at 2pm.”

Great. But hey, that was my bad, right? “Well, there’s only like, an hour left anyway. Do I really have to pay?”


Now, I’m not cheap –yes I am– but it didn’t seem logical to me to pay so much when I would be leaving in half an hour anyway. I thanks but no thanks’d her and waddled out of the line.

Defeated, I had to make the long journey back to the Venetian.

The webbing between my toes were chaffed from my flip flops, my dry bikini bottom was giving me a wedgie, and my hot skin was sticky with sweat. I picked up my car and drove to The LINQ so I could finally check in and grab a room. The LINQ also didn’t offer free parking because they somehow thought they deserved to charge even though their parking structure was detatched from the hotel, unimpressive, and still had puddles from actually FLOODING the week before.

But that’s none of my business.

It was free for an hour so I had to hurry. I lugged my suitcases through multiple elevators, escalators, and through a little path that smelled like sour milk (I think the dumpsters were nearby) to get to the hotel, waited in line to check in, and left the suitcases with the bell drop. THEN hurry back out through multiple elevators, escalators, and through the little path that smelled like sour milk to get back to the garage before my hour was up and drive back to the Venetian for free parking.

In short, I was tired. So maybe that was why, when I got off the nearest bus stop to The LINQ, I didn’t notice my purse flap flip open. The sun was beating down on my face, so maybe that was why I didn’t notice a couple people gasp and giggle behind me. Someone tapped me on my shoulder, “Um, Miss….”

I turned around and in the middle of the crowded sidewalk, where everyone had circled around the object of interest, was a lump of fabric. Specifically, colorful underwear.

My underwear.

I immediately recognized the pattern (it was my latest MeUndies order lol). I had tucked it away in my purse to change into after the pool party. Once the gathered crowed noticed the underwear was mine, even more whispers and giggles started.

I shuffled through the crowd, snatched my underwear, and hurriedly speed walked away.




  1. ClipperMike
    November 3, 2017 / 8:06 am

    Hilarious! I bet you were mortified!

    • Kay
      November 5, 2017 / 1:47 am

      Hahahah BEYOND MORTIFIED. Thanks for reading!

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