New Release! “TW:Flatline”





My debut novel, “TW:Flatline” is finally out!

It seems like it’s been a long time coming.

I’m not going to go into the boring process of how long I worked on it or how astonished I am that lil ol’ me was able to finish (a miracle in itself tbh), but I will sum up my feelings with this: There are no words. Partly, because it’s such a mix of emotions, I don’t even know how to begin to describe it. (errm, but aren’t you a writer?)


TW:Flatline is a coming-of-age novel about a young boy learning to deal with heartbreak and the loss of a family member, while also juggling school, maintaining his social standing, and the increasingly overwhelming pressure of college acceptances. Check out the description below!


What do you see when you look to the stars? 

The thing about the universe is that nothing is ever the same. It grows exponentially, it disappears into the dark abyss, it creates entire galaxies out of nothing and just as quick, it can destroy it all. It’s beautiful, and it’s always changing. 

The thing about high school senior Ricky Schenk’s life is…well, absolutely nothing is changing. 

He has been stuck in the same boring routine. Wake up, excel at school, lead extracurricular clubs, get unbelievably blackout drunk, go to bed. The usual. It used to be easy to ignore – the black hole in his chest that is – but the voices are getting too loud. And they won’t wait any longer. 

Meet Hana, the complete opposite of Ricky. She keeps her head down in class with her nervous fingers pulling at the ends of the sweater. After Ricky snoops in her academic file, she quickly becomes the object of his fascination. For lack of non-cliché terms, she’s different. It’s a long shot, but if Hana could help him out of his rut, maybe he could make it through the rest of the school year.

Maybe she can even help him reach the stars. 


How does that sound to you?? Does it grab your attention! I hope so! You can even check out an excerpt here! If you like reading (or even if you don’t), then it would mean THE ABSOLUTE WORLD to me to hear what you think! And please, share it with everyone you know! Share it with your friends and family (well, you be the judge on that one). Ask your local library if they would consider stocking it. If you’re in a book club, suggest it for the next discussion! I don’t normally self promo so much, but writing is more than a dream to me. It IS me.

So if you’re able, do me a solid, even if it’s just a shoutout on social media or nonchalantly bringing it up over brunch mimosas. I appreciate all and everything!!

Get the paperback here!

Get the ebook here!


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