Living for the Alive Museum – Seoul

Let me start off with some background. The Alive Museum in Seoul is an interactive optical illusion art.  Basically you take silly pictures with the artwork.

I went to the museum in Insadong, it was cold, and grey, and I was just happy to get out of the weather.

Admission / Participation Fees
Adults 12,000 won / Teens & Military 11,000 won
Children 10,000 won / Seniors, Disabled & Men of National Merit 10,000 won

Parking Fee
So there is a small parking lot, but I have no experience driving or parking in Seoul (I got here via subway). If that’s your thing, then parking here is 1,500 won for 30min (500 won for each additional 10min thereafter).

There are a few other “activities” at the museum, like a dynamic maze, but I didn’t do any of them so I have no clue what they are and if they’re worth it. Sorry guys, I have failed you once again.

BUT here are some tips to help you make the most of your trip to the Alive Museum!


If you want to get the most out of this this museum, either go close to opening (9:00am) or visit on a random weekday. The last admission is at 19:30, an hour before closing, but you might feel rushed if you leave it until the end of the day.

Unfortunately (one of the cons of this museum), is that the art pieces are very close together. Like, VERYYYY close together. If it’s crowded, you’re probably going to have someone’s elbow or ankle poking into your shot. Plus, it’s stressful enough (at least for me) trying to get the right shot without having a thick wall of people watching you to finish so they could go next. Also, it would take a million years to get through everything with a heavy crowd.


No, I don’t mean stripper rip-off slacks (though, if you want then go for it). I was pretty bundled up, and I soon found out why everyone took off their jackets and scarves. Plus, since it was winter, they did not turn on the AC. I nearly sweated my eyebrows off. Believe it or not, posing is a lot of work, especially the scenes where you need to balance, or jump around, or suspend yourself on a pole (ok, maybe the rip-off slacks would come in handy there). Make things easier for yourself and don’t come in a full fleece lined body suit without a zipper.


First and foremost, so they can take your picture. Number two, so they can do all of the fun couple pictures with you. The fact that you are making memories with them is irrelevant. Remember, you’re here for cute photos, not friendship.

Kidding, haha.

This museum is definitely better with friends! I can’t even imagine doing it alone…I mean…maybe if you had a tripod or something? It’s just easier to bring someone else. You’ll want someone to laugh about all the goofiness with anyway.


Okay, quick mini critique of The Alive Museum: The lighting here is absolutely horrible. I don’t think a lot of planning necessarily went into the design of some of the scenes. The ideas are great, but sometimes the pictures just don’t turn out right. You can work with it a little if you can adjust the settings on your camera, but there’s only so much you can do.

My advice would be just to have fun with it. Your shots aren’t going to be Italian Vogue, so just have realistic expectations.


Don’t rush yourself. In fact, you’ll miss out on a lot of the fun if you hurry through or skip things because you need to get on with your Seoul vacation. Give yourself at least an hour and a half to be safe, there’s a lot to see and it might take a few tries to get the right shot. But also, don’t get stuck on one scene, again because there’s a lot to see and you might wear yourself out if you spend ten minutes at each one. Pace yourself well and stay hydrated! Luckily, they have little water stations throughout the museum, but bring a snack if you tend to get hungry.


Ahh. WELL, I learned this the hard way. There were a lot of really cool glow-in-the-dark rooms, so try not to wear a bra with bright white flowers on it….

*slides hands down face*


Not all of them will be a showstopper, some of them with be outright terrible, but that’s part of the fun! It’s a good way to spend a couple hours or so in Seoul, especially in crappy weather. So bring a camera, your favorite #ootd, and a friend or two. Get ready to make this museum come alive!



  1. September 12, 2017 / 8:49 pm

    This museum sounds awesome! I have never heard of it until your post, and I can’t wait to check it out one day. Love the painting photo.

    • Kay
      September 12, 2017 / 10:55 pm

      Wahh thank you so much for the read! There’s also one in Singapore!

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